Excellence In My Market Guidelines

Excellence In My Market GUIDELINES

  • You may enter the same material in both theExcellence In My Market and the traditional Emmy® categories as long as the entry material meets all the appropriate rules in each Awards’ Call for Entries.
    • Excellence In My Market award-winning entries which originally aired during the proper SE EMMY® awards cycle can automatically advance to the Emmy® awards process, at no additional cost.
    • Membership in NATAS is not required to enter.
    • All entrants must be directly responsible for the entry’s production.Excellence In My Market crystal pillars are awarded to individuals, not to their employers, stations or companies.
    • You may NOT enter a single, stand-alone piece of work in more than one program category. You may however enter the same material in separate craft disciplines if you also performed the different job functions.
    • Material included as part of a composite entry in the Overall Excellence, category may be entered in other categories.
    • A composite is defined as a sampling of two or more representative segments or elements that convey to a judging panel the scope, breadth, or range of an individual’s talents or of coverage of a special event. The elements within a composite, unless otherwise noted, are to be “as aired” with no internal edits or post production work, such as music or special effects. Demo reels or montages are not allowed. One to two seconds of black between cuts, with no audio or slates, must be added to separate segments within the composite. Unless otherwise noted, a straight lift from a long work may be included as an element of a composite, but there must be no editing of the lift. For program entries, composite may only contain content from one episode of the series, not multiple installments.
    • A maximum of three segments/lifts is permitted to bring longer full-length programs to the time limit.

    • We encourage the use of the synopsis to help judges navigate the entry.

MEMEBR Entry fee: $30 flat rate (all listed entrants must be members)
NON-MEMBER Entry fee: $175

*Individuals becoming a member now will receive annual member benefits for 15 months, starting immediately and expiring December 31, 2017.

Failure to pay correct entry fees in full will result in disqualification of entry.


The Excellence in My Market Awards are presented for excellence in television programming and individual crafts achievement in the television arts for DMAs 75 and above, with discretion given to each Chapter. No entry may be submitted to another Chapter’s awards. Recipients do not receive Emmy® statuettes. Instead, stunning, custom-designed Excellence In My Market crystal pillars engraved with the Emmy® image will be awarded to the honored individuals.